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February 19 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 07:12 ]
If I shall deprive mum of this great day second on value in her life, she never and for what will not forgive me. Guy's dark blue eyes , as waters of Caribbean sea under the sun. Is a unique obstacle? - Yes, but : - Then forget about him. - He has touched with lips her forehead. - that him to erase; Remove, I in a back pocket of trousers have a magic wand. All other part of day as as floated on a cloud in sparks of a pink champagne, being laughing, crying, and sometimes making both that and another simultaneously. - I think, that it is the most romantic history in the world, - having sighed, have told when they - , and - laid near pool. Solar beams, making the way through foliage, stains of drop on a surface of water.
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February 12 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 08:54 ]
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The door has been closed. Strange. She left her slightly opened : Has slightly pushed a door and has listened. In a room the TV worked - transmitted " News - ". But it was not all. Guy spoke by phone. Having concealed breath has listened, and with each second to her everyone became worse and worse. The silent intense voice Guy spoke: - I know, I tried to tell to her, but : - Having made a pause, he has continued: - I know. Certainly, she has noticed. She is not silly. Listen, expensive, I shall try : Having felt, that knees are turned in, as it is possible more cautiously a door. Having wiped the misted over mirror in bathing, has looked at the reflection.
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February 08 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 08:48 ]
It was necessary to invite and parents of the Floor, and from other visitors there will be only a best man of the Floor Volume with girl-friend Dzhess. All have arrived four days ago as on local rules, before to receive the sanction to wedding, the groom and the bride should live on island not less than six days. The hotel settled down on the ? -? R? -scourge, and all around on- was exotic. That Guy was near to , was the true happiness. More truly, should be. But as he tried to hide the anxiety, it has saddened idyll.
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February 04 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 10:48 ]
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Now has again woken up. - It is not pleasant to me, as he looks at me, - having frowned, Guy has told. - I, perhaps, shall not risk to pace the room. By his kind, he is capable to rush of any moving object. - Similar on that, - has sniffed. - I do not condemn a poor animal. First the veterinary with a knife, then expel from bed, from this any can become embittered. - He will quickly grow fond of you, if will bring to him a cod in creamy sauce next time when you will come. - I am ready to bring to him even a smoked salmon from " If only he has ceased so to examine me. Still long did not lower from Guy eyes, but has then solved, that it is time as it is necessary to wash the left paw. - I all this time carried your photo in a handbag, - a sleepy voice have whispered.
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Posted by grannywhores  [ 07:42 ]
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He as as did not object to wait a little, there was no violent desire this minute to satisfy passion. Joyful expectation filled with heat all road up to the house and then when they had supper. And after a supper when she washed and removed utensils, and Guy tried to assist, but did not know, that where to put. He waited, when will finish cleaning, on a refrigerator. Has then embraced her. - And how ? - has irresolutely asked.
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February 03 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 11:30 ]
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She has hesitated. - you would not stop? - Probably, no. - Guy has kissed her on a cheek. - and then long , abusing itself that has not stopped. Laying on a back, Guy has drawn her to itself and has strong embraced. For about a minute they laid not moving, then has asked: - You are not hungry? I could something prepare you. - Could? - Yes. Earlier I simply would not like to potter. - In that case : - He has sat down and has lifted her on foots. - in that case we go somewhere to have supper. - In such kind? - was horrified. - with such physiognomy? - Then we shall take home something ready. In half an hour they already came back back with a package smoking " And ate bread " Directly in the car. Unexpectedly Guy has stopped near a filling station. - I shall soon return. The hot wave has swept on body.
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Posted by grannywhores  [ 08:45 ]
He has filled with fiery sweet which has extended on a body as forest fire while has not understood, that they have achieved a point after which there is no She was cautiously discharged of Guy though she madly would not like this to make. - Guy, I then to you, having told, that is not present any risk. It was not so. And now He for an instant gauging, looking on , then has silently told: - You very spoiled girl. - I know. But then I have thought, that you will stop, and I could not take out this.
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January 29 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 11:45 ]
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As always works too much. But it, I think, distracts him from other problems. - thievishly having looked back through a shoulder, has lowered a voice before conspiratorial whisper: - Between us, I think, that he still grieves on one woman. It was hardly kept on foots. Undoubtedly, on this. - This feeling is familiar to me. - You mean the superman-Australian? Could not more.
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January 21 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 08:09 ]
Only it will be not at once, and we do not wish to arrange any magnificent ceremony. You in fact know, that my mother would want to arrange: Wedding in Sacred Paul's cathedral at presence not less than fifty millions relatives! We have decided to run away to Jamaica or still somewhere and there to get married at presence of a couple of friends. You will not refuse to be the girl-friend of the bride? - Oh, ! Only try to do without me! - risking to catch, has embraced and has strong kissed the girlfriend. - A floor the different guy.
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January 20 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 09:48 ]
He was too generous, and I was touched. Excuse but I should go. I am tired to death. - strong having embraced the puzzled girl, she has added: - You are necessary to him. Look after him, - and not looking back, almost run has rushed off to customs inspection. Weather was completely not greyish, - the sun shone, and was as in winter fresh. In taxi has taken itself in hands. Still absolutely early : , probably, strong sleeps. However when has opened a door, in an apartment the TV worked, and to the girlfriend has run up in one night shirt. - You and to not not find out! Absolutely brown. - But beautiful, unless is not present? - Now when she was at home to pretend it became easier.
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